2021 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Owners Manual - Radio


From the Home Page, touch the Audio icon to display the active audio source page.

Choose from the three most recently used sources listed at the left side of the display or touch the More option to display a list of available sources. Examples of available sources may include AM, FM, SXM (if equipped), USB, AUX (if equipped), and Bluetooth.

From any of the audio source main pages, touch Sound to display the following:

Equalizer : Touch to adjust Bass, Midrange, Treble, and Surround (if equipped) using the options on the infotainment display.

Fade/Balance : Touch to adjust by using the controls on the infotainment display or by tapping/dragging the crosshair.

Seeking a Station

From the AM, FM, or SXM (if equipped) option, press 6 or 7 on the center stack to search for the previous or next strong station or channel.

Browsing Stations

Touch the Browse option to list all available stations or channels. Navigate up and down through all stations by scrolling the list.

Touch the station or channel you want to listen to. Touch H to save the station or channel as a favorite.

If equipped, touch Update Station List to update the active stations in your area.

Direct Tune

Access Direct Tune by touching the Tune icon on the infotainment display to bring up the keypad. Navigate through all frequencies using the arrows on the right side of the Direct Tune display. Directly enter a station or channel using the keypad. When a new station or channel is entered, the information about that station or channel displays on the right side. This information will update with each new valid frequency. Touch H to save the station or channel as a favorite.

The keypad will gray out entries that do not contribute to a valid frequency and will automatically place a decimal point within the frequency number.

Touch (X) to delete one number at a time. Touch and hold (X) to delete all numbers.

A valid AM or FM station will automatically tune to the new frequency but not close the Direct Tune display. When listening to SXM (if equipped), touch Go after entering the channel. Touch the Back icon on the infotainment display or touch z to exit out of Direct Tune.

The tune arrows on the right side of the Direct Tune display will tune through the complete station or channel list one station step at a time per touch. A touch and hold advances through stations or channels quickly.

If equipped, HD Radio multicast stations cannot be tuned directly through the Direct Tune feature. Only the analog or

HD1 station can use that feature. Use the display arrows to adjust to the multicast stations.

From the AM stations, if equipped with HD Radio, FM, or SXM (if equipped) display, touch Categories at the top of the Browse menu to access the categories list. The list contains names associated with the AM or FM stations, or SXM channels. Touch a category name to display a list of stations or channels for that category. Touching a station or channel from the list will tune the radio to that station or channel.

Favorites show in the area at the top of the display.

AM, FM, SXM (if equipped), and HD Radio Stations (if equipped) : Press and hold a preset to store the current station or channel as a favorite. Touch a saved favorite to recall a favorite station or channel.

Favorites can also be stored by touching H in a station or channel list. This will highlight indicating that it is now saved as a favorite.

The number of favorites displayed is automatically adjusted by default, but can be manually adjusted in Settings in the System tab under Favorites and then Set Number of Audio Favorites. It can also be adjusted in Settings in the Apps tab under Audio and then Set Number of Audio Favorites.

If equipped, HD Radio is a free service with features such as digital quality sound, more stations available on a single frequency such as HD2 and HD3, and display information such as artist and song title.

From the Now Playing display, touch the HD Radio icon to turn HD on or off.

Station Access

To access HD Radio stations:

    Tune the radio to the station. If HD Radio is turned on and the station is broadcasting in HD Radio, the radio will automatically tune to the HD version of the current channel (HD1) after several

seconds. The radio will also display icons representing additional channels (HD2,

...HD8), that may be available. When the radio successfully tunes to a HD station, the HD logo will display and digital audio will play.

    Touch the display arrows to tune to the previous or next HD Radio station.

There may be a delay before the station starts playing.

The HD Radio station number is indicated next to the HD logo.

HD Radio stations can be saved as favorites.

For a list of all stations, see www.hdradio.com.

HD Radio Troubleshooting

Digital Audio Delay : Wait for the signal to process. This can take several seconds.

Volume Change, Audio Skip, Echo, Digital Audio Lost : Station signal strength may be weak, the station is out of range, or the station may be out of alignment. Verify proper reception on another station.

If the HD Radio signal weakens while listening to HD1, the radio will automatically switch to the analog version of the radio station.

If the HD Radio signal loses reception while listening to stations HD2 to HD8, the radio mutes until the signal can be recovered or until the station is changed.

HD Radio can be disabled if driving in a weak signal area. Touch HD Radio On/Off to toggle HD Radio reception on and off.

If equipped, RDS features are available for use only on FM stations that broadcast RDS information. With RDS, the radio can:

    Group stations by Category (i.e., Program Type) such as Rock, Jazz, Classical, etc.
    Display messages from radio stations.

This system relies on receiving specific information from these stations and only works when the information is available.

It is possible that a radio station could broadcast incorrect information that causes the radio features to work improperly. If this happens, contact the radio station.

When information is broadcast from a RDS station, the station name or call letters display on the audio screen. Radio text supporting the currently playing broadcast may also appear.

If equipped, vehicles with a valid SiriusXM radio subscription can receive SiriusXM programming.

SiriusXM radio has a wide variety of programming and commercial-free music, coast to coast, in digital-quality sound. In the U.S., see www.siriusxm.com or call

1-888-601-6296. In Canada, see www.siriusxm.ca or call 1-877-438-9677.

When SiriusXM is active, the channel name, number, song title, and artist appear on the display.

SiriusXM with 360L interface has enhanced in-vehicle listening experience for subscribers. The experience now offers more categories and system learned recommendations toward discovering more personalized content.

To use the full SiriusXM 360L program, including streaming content and listening recommendations, OnStar Connected Access is required. Connected vehicle services vary

by model and require a complete working electrical system, cell reception, and GPS signal. An active connected plan is required.

Reference the SiriusXM user guide for use and subscription information.

Unplug electronic devices from the accessory power outlets if there is interference or static in the radio.

FM signals only reach about 16 to 65 km (10 to 40 mi). Although the radio has a built-in electronic circuit that automatically works to reduce interference, some static can occur, especially around tall buildings or hills, causing the sound to fade in and out.

The range for most AM stations is greater than for FM, especially at night. The longer range can cause station frequencies to interfere with each other. Static can also occur when things like storms and power lines interfere with radio reception. When this happens, try reducing the treble on the radio.

If equipped, SiriusXM Satellite Radio Service provides digital radio reception. Tall buildings or hills can interfere with satellite radio signals, causing the sound to fade in and out. In addition, traveling or standing under heavy foliage, bridges, garages,

or tunnels may cause loss of the SiriusXM signal for a period of time. Some cellular services may interfere with SXM reception causing loss of signal.

Mobile device usage, such as making or receiving calls, charging, or just having the mobile device on may cause static interference in the radio. Unplug the mobile device or turn it off if this happens.

The fixed mast antenna will go through most car washes as long as it is securely attached. If the antenna becomes slightly bent, straighten it out by hand. If it is badly bent, replace it.

Occasionally check that the antenna is tight at the base. If tightening is required, protect the paint from damage.

The roof antenna is for SiriusXM Satellite Radio, OnStar, and GPS (Global Positioning System), depending on the equipped options. Keep clear of obstructions for clear reception. If the vehicle has a sunroof, and it is open, reception can also be affected.

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